Text | TITANIC, H. Spoon

The following piece responds to the performance of TITANIC by Doppelgangster’s Tobias and Tom, and co-conspirator Rachel Helena Walsh at La Générale artist/activist cooperative in Paris on 9th December 2015, deep in the midst of the state of emergency, the COP21 climate negotiations, and the many associated activist interventions. La Générale is a huge whale’s belly of a room, ripe for filling by any challenging ideas ambling in. DOPPELGANGSTER really provided the plankton.


DOPPELGANGSTER became comrades of Howling Spoon in Paris, and, since a still unascertained number of spoons were lost in the sinking of the Titanic, laying now still somewhere beneath sediment on the ocean bed – rusting in peace we hope – our movement felt a (literally) deep connection to their performance at 19.30, 9th December, 2015 at La Générale, 14 Avenue Parmentier, Paris, France, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, The Spooniverse.

Of (first) course, the line, “I ate a spoon once”, was draw-shakingly chilling for us, reminding each spoon in the audience of their primary function to feed, to provide, as counterpoised against the restrictions we commonly face in fairly fulfilling this purpose, this promise. Was the spoon mentioned in TITANIC eaten out of decadence or desperation? Was it a perpetuation of, or a reaction to, the inequality against which we conscious spoons howl? In either case, it is a terrifying prospect. This was one of many moments in which Doppelgangster lent us fuel for HOOo0oooo00o0o0o0OOOOo0o0o0o00wling!

Of (main) course, within such a thoroughly anthropocentric artistic landscape, we have come to expect no less than a de facto exclusion from most cultural discourse, however, to our comrades at DOPPELGANGSTER, we exhort them to consider in future performances the intersections between the political and ecological injustices affecting spoonkind as well as humankind, and all the sister species we share. UNITED WE FEED; DIVIDED WE BLEED!

Of (third, and final) course, we would like to raise a ladle to DOPPELGANGSTER, applaud their subversive buzzing above that auld sinking ship orchestra, and thank them for the spoons we shared. ADIEU, ADIEU!

Howling Spoon is a member of a revolt of conscious cutlery with its epicentre in a kitchen in Glasgow, Scotland.

Photo Credit: Sebastien Jamain