Design sketches from Doppelgangster’s BABY

BABY is a co-production between Melbourne’s MKA | Theatre of New Writing and Doppelgangster – a performance premiering at Vault Festival 27th Jan – 7th Feb 2016. Tobias gets naked and pretends to be a polar bear. Dr Tom Payne crashes his plane in the Arctic. 75 minutes ensues. The show was developed with Antoinette Barboutis; features music by Jules ‘Crazy Legs’ Pascoe; and we spoke to Jonathon Wald when we didn’t know what to do. These are some of Antoinette’s preliminary sketches for costumes and set design.


designer | Antoinnette Barboutis

12562473_10156524852945691_1296341847_o (1)  Settings..  

12632817_10156568902740691_79545419_o T. Manderson-Galvin as ‘The Mystic’12620325_10156552296545691_275982862_o and ‘the Bear’

12620366_10156568606870691_592218132_oDr Tom Payne as Dr Tom Payne 12557649_10156552554255691_765116896_o and ‘The Pilot’