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Wake Me When It’s Over

with Unofficial Kerith Fan Club & Tenfingerz

Wake Me When It’s Over was a 24 hour performance by Queer artists Tenfingerz and Unofficial Kerith Fan Club. The two artists will attempt to sleep for 24-hours straight on the eve of the announcement of the same-sex marriage postal survey. The work seeks to highlight the cruel optimism of marriage equality: it is an exercise of endurance that prompts witnesses and performers alike to consider the potential violent outcomes of avoidance and complacency.

Wake Me When It’s Over is a subtle performance of extreme restraint that counters popular representations of Queer performance as celebratory or confessional.

It comes from place of real fear and exhaustion and asks,
“What will happen next?”
“What will we do tomorrow?” 


Performance Kerith Manderson-Galvin + Teneille Clarke
Producer Tobias Manderson-Galvin

A DOPPELGANGSTER production as part of the DeepWater Initiative.

Tenfingerz  is a multi-disciplinary time artist and creative producer with a focus on community engagement, collaboration, and community building through art-making and events. Tenfingerz creates unique small scale immersive experiences for Australian festivals inviting audience engagement through the unique experience of long-form immersive work.

“Uncanny and entirely mesmerising” – The Report
“Above and Beyond” – The Report
“Above and Beyond” – Buzz Cuts
“Beyond” – State of Green

Unofficial Kerith Fan Club is a performance maker and playwright whose work spans theatre, performance art, video, online content and movement. Kerith has a particular interest in capturing and inhabiting queer femininity in performance.

“A glorious mess – with a serious purpose” Daily Review
“Highly original” – The Age
“Highly original” – Neandellus
“Thorough original” – Australian Arts Review



Second Story Studio
14-15 Nov, 2017