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The Eternity of the World

Two siblings, and an unrelated audience stand in a gallery. The Eternity… is a black mass, a misremembering, and a disappearance act. A ritual, a meditation, and a metaphysical operation.

Tobias’ and Kerith Manderson-Galvin’s intentions are to contemplate the eternity of the world – the concept has been debated for over a millennia – by philosophers including Aristotle, Philo, Thomas Aquinas – and also reveal their own anecdotal evidence of misremembering, of black mass, and of mass disappearance.

Throughout the work, theories, and narratives – from the Lost City of Atlantis, to ‘the Cruise’ episode of Rockos Modern Life, to childhood stories of the pair – are explained chronologically and by significance, in a steady collection of actions that speculate beyond recognised thought.

Speeches are given, songs are sung, and people disappear.

The Eternity of the World (Parts Missing) is about the start of existence, the permanence of a moment, parallels and conclusions. It’s being held by the difference between what you know, and what is possible.


Concept, Creation, & Performance:
Kerith Manderson-Galvin & Tobias Manderson-Galvin

Dr Tom Payne (UK)

Composition/Sound Design:
Maria Moles + Adam Halliwell

Wilson Liew


The Eternity of the World (parts missing) was co-produced with Theatre MK-Alpha Unofficial Kerith Fan Club, and was first presented at Anna Pappas Gallery for Provocare: Festival of the Artsthanks to Chapel Street Precinctand at Bondi Pavilion Gallery for Bondi Feast, thanks to Waverley Council.


Performers | 3
Crew | 0
Duration | 115m, includes 15m interval
Set-Up | Previous or same day set-up and open

Touring Availability | For dates in 2017, or beyond
please contact sayhello@doppelgangster.com



60min approx.


July 21-22
Bondi Pavilion Gallery
Bondi Feast Festival
Sydney, Australia

July 29-30
Anna Pappas Gallery
Provocare Festival
Melbourne, Australia