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Sophia Constantine

Sophia Constantine is a Theatre maker who is dedicated to projects that bring about positive social change and conversation, address gender equality, encourage cultural diversity and emerging artistic practice.

Sophia has an outstanding level of artistic integrity and social and political relevance in her work. She works in performance and events with skills in physical theatre, Butoh, puppetry, multi-platform storytelling and photography. She is currently the Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator at La Mama Theatre, Melbourne.


I want to explore epigenetic’s – the shared experience/trauma from our ancestors represented through our DNA.
Can we change our Epigenetic DNA? Science thinks we can. But how? Also how do geographic shifts affect these developments in our DNA over time?

I have teamed up with an epigenetic scientist, and a dancer. Looking at this idea from a big/little picture perspective we will explore our own personal family linage as well as social/collective stories that shape us. Expressed through a mash up of science, dance, physical theatre, poetry, intimate anecdote and clowning set in a DNA Helix.

This project will be performed at La Mama Theatre, Melbourne in December 2017.