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Listen to RADIO PLAGUE Now

In this special response to Covid-19, the UK and Australia-based international performance group, Doppelgangster, dedicate themselves to adapting 1950s radio-thriller Escape the Scarlet Plague: an apocalyptic spin-off of Jack London’s speculative sci-fi novella, The Scarlet Plague (1912).

Using contemporary performance methods – from cut-up techniques and punk songs, to violent satire and psychedelic neo-noir – Doppelgangster deliver a sonic and surreal remake of this obscure cult thriller; revealing a work that is still every bit an omen of decay, dystopia, hubris and wildness. Audiences will need a listening device and means to download or stream the work.

Members of the cast include Amy Blake, Aquilla Sorensen, Benjamin Nichol, Chelsea Hickman, Tobias Manderson-Galvin & Dr Tom Payne. Music by Jules Pascoe. Duration 52m40s