Başak Uluköse

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Başak Uluköse

Basak is an artist currently based in Istanbul, soon to be relocated to London to study at University of the Arts London MFA Fine Arts program.


She carries on a multidisciplinary practise involving photography, videography, performance, digital media, painting as well as of plastic arts mediums.


Her works tend to interrogate socially constructed moral values and definitive tendencies within capitally powered social systems.


The intended project is a site specific performance video reflecting on the loss of hope for the economically and socially unprivileged members of the society suffering from being dislocated from their homes in the name of gentrification with not much of a solution for a better life provided, reflecting on an urban representation of social injustice and the constant digging of the gap between rich and poor, offering a sustainable life, on and above average life standards to only those coming from privileged backgrounds and social circles.