A Death Sentence

A durational performance featuring Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Grace Lauer, Dr Tom Payne, Kerith Manderson-Galvin, Ruby Donohoe, and guests.

It’s one hundred years to the day since Mata Hari’s execution by firing squad. 63 years since ‘The Desert Fox’ chose cyanide over a public treason trial. Two years since Licho Escamilla was murdered by the state of Texas. It’s about 8 months since an ex-lover sent me a message saying never to text again or the police would be called. 11 years since I was fired from my first job for calling ‘A Current Affair’. It’s almost the last day we have left…

MKA + Doppelgangster present a non-stop, eight-hour pre-execution final statement.

Drawing upon the indeterminate nature of ‘composition’, ‘time’ and ‘character’ identified in the French Philosopher Jacques Ranciere’s analysis of ‘The Pensive Image’ of condemned man Lewis Payne – executed in 1865 for attempting to assassinated the US Secretatry of State – the last words of a condemned are presented over the course of an entire working day. A ceaseless onslaught, as violent, futile, and undignified as the executions it references.

Featuring hours of real final statements (from executed prisoners, from those who took their own lives, to the final lines of cancelled tv shows, a whole lot more, and performances from Tobias Manderson-Galvin (MKA/Doppelgangster), Grace Lauer (Germany), Dr Tom Payne (UK), and a collection of Sydney’s most likely to be up against the wall.


After ‘A Death Sentence’ the final performance of MKA+Doppelgangster’s ‘PUNTILA/MATTI’ will be performed at 730pm in the theatre.




Kings Cross Theatre, Sydney

14 Oct, 2017


Doors remain open.
Come and go as you desire.

Age 14+ (strong language)

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