Feeling guilty from making those millions on coal?

Want to leave all of your rental properties that priced poor people out of the market, to your children, but are worried about inheritance tax?

Or maybe you just want to support Doppelgangster in the performance making.

Doppelgangster is an urgent, artistic response to the state of the globe, from an elite multinational ensemble of performers, producers and also some who are good at other things so don’t worry about what everyone else says you’ll be beautiful one day too honey, I promise, and there’s more important things than being beautiful or smart or expressive or funny or clever or the fastest in the Grade Six, one hundred metre running race or important or getting invited to all the parties or having a sex tape go viral or having your own mug at the office and everyone knowing it’s your mug. Doppelgangster are making performances that are entertaining, idiosyncratic and socially charged; multinational in scale, and local in effect. With a number of development locations worldwide, including association with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, in the West of Wales, Doppelgangster are performing artworks internationally; work of spectacle, substance and immediacy – our programming changes as the world does. Doppelgangster are able to accept donations through a number of support networks and welcome support of any kind, however big or small.

Really exciting. Strong individual voices. I look forward to seeing them explore the wealth of material they’ve created.
– John McGrath | Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales

There are many ways to support Doppelgangster, be they individual donations or legacy gifts, or corporate sponsorship for individual projects or core costs. Maybe you’d like to propose some other kind of partnership, financial, in-kind or commercial.

If you want to support Doppelgangster and the work we do please email sayhello@doppelgangster.com