Ruby Donohoe

DeepWater: Mentoring aims to ignite and challenge the next generation of experimental performance makers by providing access and insights into performance practice, mentoring from industry experts, critical analysis of ongoing work, and masterclasses.


Ruby Donohoe is an Australian performer and theatre-maker based in Brooklyn, NYC. Her works are defiant acts of sensitisation that are rooted in the politics of encounter.

Ruby is a MKA Associate Artist, 2016/2017 SITI Company Conservatory Artist, resident artist with 2017 SITI Lab and her producing credits include Festival Producer of site-specific Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Once she danced naked, painted gold in the Hakuba Mountains in Japan with Akaji Maro from Tarantino’s Kill Bill


Through a discourse of motion sickness, this interdisciplinary work weaves dance, time-based sculpture and live performance as it tends to melting glaciers, grief, slow terror and the soft sublime.


A woman devoted to swimming around the world is forced to stop as her lungs fill with liquid. Drowning in open air, we find her in Iceland attempting to photograph a mirror for Craigslist without being caught in the reflection.


Exploring the ontological sensation of simultaneous radical intimacy and radical alienation with the body, this work ponders the palindromic loop of self and other. Fumbling with the absurd and tender companionship of our own reflection in the world we perceive.