Dustin Harvey

Dustin Harvey’s work has grown to encompass a myriad of people and places come, gone and soon to be. Through the exploration of site and exploitation of media art, he creates meaningful moments that offer new ways of being together while shedding crooked light on how it is we’ve grown apart. Each production is existentially meddlesome, resulting in the provocation of both thought and intimacy.


Dustin is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Ov​er the years I surveyed my audiences to better understand what they wanted more of and less of in ​the productions. The practice has left me with hundreds of suggestions, which I plan to use as instructions to make something new entitled LESS + MORE. There will be more beer, more landmarks, more everything. There will be less questions, less clothes, and less endings. If that sounds like a mashup, that’s because it is. It is also reflects the whims and desires of a group of strangers ​coming to the theatre in search of a kind of beauty they can connect with for a moment.